Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro requires paying several fees to the Kilimanjaro National Park, which are used for the maintenance and preservation of the park, as well as ensuring the safety and support of climbers. Kilimanjaro National Park fees are structured to support conservation efforts.

For visitors aged 16 years and older, the conservation fee per person per day is Tshs 10,000 for East African citizens, $70 for non-East African citizens, and $35 for Tanzanian residents. For those between 5 and 15 years old, the fees are Tshs 2,000 for East African citizens, $20 for non-East African citizens, and $10 for Tanzanian residents. Children under 5 years old are exempt from these fees. These charges contribute directly to the preservation and protection of Kilimanjaro’s unique ecosystems.

Why not spend your Kilimanjaro National Park tour at an affordable price?

1. Conservation Fee:

This is the primary fee for entering and hiking in Kilimanjaro National Park. The conservation fee is typically charged on a per day basis.

Cost: Approximately $70 per person per day.

2. Camping Fee:

For those camping on the mountain, this fee applies per night spent in the park’s campsites.

Cost: Approximately $50 per person per night.

3. Hut Fee:

If you are climbing the Marangu route, which provides hut accommodations instead of camping, a hut fee is charged instead of the camping fee.

Cost: Approximately $60 per person per night.

4. Rescue Fee:

This fee is a mandatory charge for potential rescue operations on the mountain.

Cost: Approximately $20 per person per trip.

5. Crater Camping Fee:

If you plan to camp in the crater (which is less common), there is an additional fee.

Cost: Approximately $100 per person per night.

6. Value Added Tax (VAT):

Tanzania imposes a VAT on many of the services provided, including park fees.

Rate: 18% on top of the listed fees.
Total Estimated Cost:
For a typical 6-day trek, the total park fees per person would be calculated as follows (excluding any additional charges for extra nights or special camping):

Conservation Fee: 6 days x $70 = $420
Camping Fee: 5 nights x $50 = $250
Rescue Fee: $20
VAT: 18% of ($420 + $250 + $20) = $122.40
Total: $420 + $250 + $20 + $122.40 = $812.40

Additional Considerations:

Tour Operator Fees: These fees are separate from what you pay to your tour operator, who will handle logistics, guides, porters, food, and equipment.
Tipping: While not an official fee, tipping guides and porters is customary and expected. Plan for an additional $200-300 for tips.
Fees are typically included in the package price quoted by Razan Safaris.
Ensure that the tour operator provides a detailed breakdown of costs to understand what is included.
Conservation and Community Impact:
These fees help fund the conservation efforts in Kilimanjaro National Park, ensuring the protection of its unique ecosystem. Additionally, they support local communities through employment and development projects.

By being aware of these fees and their purpose, you contribute to the sustainable tourism efforts on Mount Kilimanjaro.